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A Change!





From Jimmy Choo’s to stinky poo poo’s.

From styling models to making bottles.

From wearing the best to being a mess.

From wearing it right to up all night.

From the bright new scarf to never ending barf.

From lipstick tubes to breastfeeding boobs.

Introducing Jonah Louis.

Worth every single change in my life.


New York Street, LA Weather.

Top/Foreign Exchange, Leggings/Pea in the pod,Boots/Kenneth Cole, Jacket/J.Crew, Watch/BabyG, Ring/Foreign Exchange, Bag/Rebecca Minkoff-Minkette, Nail Polish/Shellac-Romantic, Lipstick/Revlon Coral.


Start spreading the news…..or my pants…whichever! (I found the Frank Sinatra song fitting since I did take these pictures on NY Street, just in Los Angeles).  Oh the secrets of Hollywood.  Speaking of secrets, I’m loving my “secret fit belly” jersey knit leggings by Pea In The Pod. I know I keep talking about my expanding waist line, but man, it’s take no prisoners time, and this belly is no joke. Anything that provides me with both style and comfort, is an A+ purchase in my book.  I’m finding that the bigger I get the more simple I should keep it.  Choosing tops that are long in the torso so they adequately cover the expanding real estate below, and make you look longer, not wider! Sticking to neutral colors, and more form fitting styles, is helpful also.  That doesn’t mean you still can’t express yourself through your outfit.  Amen for the accessories. Load them on! Have an arm party!  Drawing the eye away from the obvious and onto an interesting piece is always a win.  A pop of color through your accessories is the perfect way to go achieve a non neutral boring look! Plus the bonus is, they will always fit! They are a worth while investment that you will use pregnant or not, and this helps make missing out on some of the cute trends this season, a little easier.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Pregnant Tracy

Red and blue for the pregnant lady too!


The Inspiration




The Maternity Way

Red Skinny Pants/Motherhood, Blue button down shirt/Gap, Boots/Frye, Watch/Michael Kors, Sunglasses/Rayban, Necklace/Banana Republic.


Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still try and keep up with the trends. One of my favorite color patterns this fall/ winter season, has been red and blue. Blue is the new black, and red is the new denim. Pair them together, and you have an all American preppy kind of look with a kick.  If you approach your red pants like you would a pair of denim jeans, then anything works. A black top, and heels, a cream colored cozy knit sweater, or anything in the camel colored family looks great with red pants. You can imagine my delight when perusing the racks of Destination Maternity, I came across a red pair of maternity skinny jeans!  Thank you thank you fashion gods, someone out there is listening.

Also, don’t be afraid to hit up some of your favorite stores sale sections for tops in larger sizes, not everything has to be “maternity” per say, you’d be surprised what you can get away with if you just go up a size or two. I scored this blue button down on the sale rack at the Gap, for $9.99. I just purchased a large, and it worked perfectly.

If anyone else has any great maternity style tips I would love to hear them. Or any stores or web sites they love for modern maternity styles, I would love to hear about them also.


Pregnant Tracy

Fearless in 2012, learning to love this body of mine.

It took me 30 plus years, and a baby in my belly, to finally take my top off at the beach! Here’s to being fearless in 2012, not using the word “fat” in my every day vocabulary, and learning to love this crazy body of mine. Not in a million years would I ever have done something like this, had I not had a great friend, with her great camera in hand, making me feel incredibly brave, and beautiful. Thanks Annie!


Pregnant Tracy

Bumpin, Jumpin January-23 weeks.

Sweater Coat/, Boots/Frye, Leggings/Tarte, Long Sleeve T/MotherHood via Destination Maternity, Sunglasses/RayBan



Happy New Year friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and packed on as many wonderful pounds as I did. Truth be told, I’m trying to blame every extra pound of holiday weight on this pregnancy, but really… Dunkin Donuts munchkins are just as much to blame as my growing munchkin inside.  I can’t help it, it’s a force greater than me. My baby needs them, and as a loyal loving parent, I must do anything I can to help.   Thank god for leggings, the color black, and yummy sweaters. They are proving to be my best friends during this pregnancy.

I have to admit,  I struggle with loving the pregnant physique.  I miss clothes. I miss my old waist line, and I miss being able to wear whatever I want.  I miss wearing a normal bra, and bra size, and can’t get over the size of my boobs. That being said, I’m really trying hard to embrace this bumpin body of mine, and prove that bump or no bump you can still manage to get dressed with a little style when your pregnant.

So lets start the embracing by giving a little “hallelujah” to the legging. You are the VIP of maternity fashion.  Thank you J Brand jeggings, Tarte leggings, yoga pants that look like leggings, and anything made of spandex with an elastic waistband. YOU ROCK.  Next, I would like to thank the color black. Always cool, classy, and flattering.  Way to go pigment that does not emit or reflect light, I love you. Lastly lets give it up for the over sized  yummy sweater! Somehow you let me hide inside of you with out looking over sized.  You keep me looking cool, while always keeping me warm. I am thankful for you.

So there you have it. A few staples to keep you looking hip during pregnancy. (At least thus far in this pregnancy) I will keep you posted as the weeks go on, and the belly grows bigger.  My New Years resolution is to try and love this crazy growing body of mine instead of fight it. Here goes nothing.


Pregnant Tracy

Rainy and blue, with a belly that grew.

Maternity skinny jeans:Forever21Maternity, Top:Motherhood, Boyfriend Blazer:UrbanOutfitters, Bag:Michael Kors, Hat:H&M, Booties:DolceVita

So apparently my uterus is a very quick learner, and remembers exactly what it’s suppose to do this pregnancy. (It’s my second) I thought it was just going to be one of those “pregnancy myths” that second time around you get bigger quicker, but nope, it’s for real.  Like a rubber band that’s been stretched out already, your stomach muscles give way to this little being growing inside you a whole lot faster, and BAM, you’re carrying around a little basketball by 6 months. I still shock myself every time I get a glimpse of my body in the mirror before getting in the shower. “Huh, Ugg..who is that person?”  Insert a huge SIGH here… It’s officially time to break out the maternity jeans and say goodbye to my waist line. Oh how I’ll miss seeing my feet, and more importantly the shoes on them.

On a positive note, I would like to take a moment to thank the one and only Forever21, for creating a maternity line. My fashion filled heart, was uplifted upon finding these adorable maternity skinny jeans, with just the right amount of stretch and belly band to get me through the rest of this pregnancy and beyond, for a whopping $9.99. Well done F21, you get it!  Also tis the season for the “boyfriend style” of anything.  Pregnant or not,  this style always works. Especially a good old boyfriend blazer. It somehow still creates a shape, without leaving you drowning in a blazer that’s too big, or actually from the men’s department.

Lastly, let’s hear it for  the accessories. Like a good friend, they never let you down. They always fit, cover up anything you don’t like, and can often provide you with warmth and comfort. To all my pregnant mama’s out there, scarf it baby. It helps take your outfit out of the boring pregnancy zone, and into the fun  fashionable zone, without over whelming or making you look like a parade float.


Pregnant Tracy





Back By Popular Demand

Colored Skinny Jeans-Motherhood, Destination Maternity, Top-Motherhood, DestinationMaternity, Boots-Aldo, Heart Shaped Necklace-Vintage-Via my Grandmother.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 weeks since my last post. If you haven’t figured it out by looking at my pictures,(no I haven’t just gained some extra holiday weight), I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. I apologize to any of my readers who were wondering why I just dropped off the planet, and appreciate all the awesome e-mails asking me where I was, and to please come back.

I am finally coming out of what can only be described as the worst beginning to a pregnancy ever.  I suffer from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, which is also known as severe, unrelenting morning sickness, accompanied by many other disgusting and not so fashionable side affects,that left me bed ridden, and worst of all bound to a life of sweatpants and expandable waist bands. I wasn’t sure I would make it out of bed, let alone ever blog a fashionable outfit again. BUT, you can take the girl out of her skinny jeans, but you can’t take the skinny jeans out of the girl. As the nausea lifted, and the cloud of sweatpants started to disappear, I was determined to pull myself together and work this bad ass belly of mine.

Okay okay, so it’s not that easy.  So what if I cried a few dozen times while trying to squeeze myself into all my new fall clothes. So what if I tried to use rubber bands to get my jeans to close, and pledged to wear black every day till the end of this pregnancy.  So sue me  for snarling loudly at the sales girls in the pregnancy shops for bringing me shirts with arrows pointing to the bump in my stomach that say, “Baby on Board!”  Or the shapeless giant frock, the sales woman said I would grow into, and learn to love. “Seriously lady, for real, these are my options?” HELLO…calling all designers, there’s like a trillion pregnant women around the world at any given moment.  We are all desperate to look and feel a little less fat and have a little more variety. Can you help a sister out?

So, I propose a challenge.  For the next 20 weeks, Project Tracy will be Pregnant Tracy and try and take this blog into the world of pregnancy fashion, while still maintaining my same vision. Fashion for the masses, no matter shape, size, budget, or belly size. I would be eternally grateful if you passed this blog along to anyone you might know who is pregnant and not ready to settle for moo moo’s and their husbands shirts.

Thank you so much. I would love to hear what you think.


Pregnant Tracy



Sorry for the Delay.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, Project Tracy is temporarily on hiatus. I will be back very very soon! I promise. Thank you for all of your messages and concerns. I promise it won’t be long, and I will explain it all.



Stolen from my mom.

Jeans/J.Brand,Bag/Anthropologie, Shoes/Gap, Sweater/American Eagle, like “this”, Necklace/H&M.



Continuing with my fall sweater theme, I was delighted when after fashion week I was unpacking from my trip to New York, and  discovered this sweater that had mysteriously found its way into my suitcase, and by mysteriously I mean, I borrowed it from my mom and forgot to give it back and folded it up and put it in my suitcase instead. Whoops. Sorry Mom!

It’s cozy feel, with a little bit of flash dance shoulder, is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy, and takes this sweater to a new level. Exposing a little skin is the fastest way to give a edgier vibe to a traditional garment. This is exactly the appeal of the off-the-shoulder sweater. It’s currently very popular in a looser-fitting bohemian style with a wide neck and even wider arms, like how I am wearing it here, but you can just as easily  pair it with black skinny pants, heels, and a leather jacket, for an even edgier, sexy night out look.

What does my mom need with a sexy sweater anyway?

Happy almost first day of fall everyone.



Falling for fall.

Pants/Zara, Sweater/H&M, Penny Loafers/Bass,Watch/Vintage Rolex, Sunglasses/RayBan, Bracelet/Banana Republic


It’s beginning to look a lot like fall…Well at least for a few minutes here in Los Angeles anyway, and I am embracing every sweater wearing moment I can. It’s by far my favorite season.  The colors, the pumpkin spice everything and anything, the cool nights, Halloween, you name it, and it makes me fall for fall.

It’s definitely my favorite season to get dressed also. All the rich colors and textures to choose from, just the right amount of everything being covered up, without having to bundle up.  Just like in any other season, there is a certain look and a certain set of items that never goes out of style whenever autumn comes. So, in case you are looking to score some new items for your wardrobe this fall, you may want to invest in a few staple items.

The fall season is cooler, and so fall fashion is all about layering. To keep warm, having a good jacket is important and sweaters are also a must-have. Turtleneck sweaters and V-neck sweaters are the classics and are great for layering. The best sweaters to have are those made of cotton, cashmere or wool because they let the air circulate through your layers of clothing. I scored this sweater from H&M a few weeks ago, and couldn’t be more in love. Sure it’s not the most shape conscious sweater, which I usually look for, but it’s so warm and cozy, and just perfect for those casual Sunday strolls, and running errands around town. Plus it was a whopping $19.99, I mean how can you beat that.

You can balance the necessity of having a warm, comfy jacket with your sense of style if you opt for tailored jackets that fit snuggly and flatter your body. Corduroys, tweeds and suede look great for the tailored autumn look.

Don’t forget a new pair of shoes. If fashion weeks most trendiest were any indication as to what’s HOT right now, it’s for sure men inspired footwear. Penny loafers, oxfords, and patterned loafers were spotted on everyone everywhere. The good news is they are incredibly comfortable and look incredibly charming if you ask me. Lord knows my feet need a break from heels. So to all my friends who survived the 90′s with me, start digging in the back of your closets, or call your parents and tell them to get in the attic STAT. All those penny loafers and coveted bucks, are back!

Happy September everybody.



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